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Velvet Antler

On a stroll through our gift shop you will find many gifts such as elk antlers, elk and buffalo hides, buffalo skulls and of course the velvet antler capsules. Many novelty items made from the elk antlers are available as well. For the healthy conscious, lean and delicious elk and buffalo meat is always available in all the different cuts.

Through testimonies and FDA testing we have learned some valuable information that about the VELVET ANTLER. For 2000 years the Asian people have harvested the elk velvet antler as a remedy to purify the blood. Some of the many different ailments that we have found the velvet antler capsule help are:

Mental: Improved energy, mood, ambition, sleep, memory and focus!
Athletic: Strength, aerobic output, flexibility, healing of injuries and increased of muscle growth!
Sexual: Enhanced libido and performance!
Systemic: Better digestion, improved immunity, reduction of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, supporting a healthy heart and blood pressure, enhancing internal organ function, also helps improve Diabetes, Rheumatism, Carpal Tunnel, Migraine Headaches, Cholesterol levels, Allergies and Sinus Symptoms!

If you are wondering how we harvest the velvet antler or even what it is, read on and we will briefly inform you. Of course if you want the full details you will have to come and take a tour, we would love to share it with you. In the spring of the year, the end of February or the beginning of March, the new antler in its velvet stage will push the old horn off just like a baby tooth. This new velvet antler will grow for 63 to 65 days until there is a one-inch indention between the 4th and 5th point. This is our indication that the velvet is in it prime state and ready to be harvested. We feed all the proper vitamins and minerals to produce "nutrient abundant" velvet antler. This is how we get better results and satisfied customers.

What are people saying?

I wanted to let you know how great your pills work for my husband. He was a motocross rider for many years. He blew out his knee and tore his ACL several times. Finally, the doctor told him he had to retire from racing due to the severity of the damage to his knee. He had been in constant pain after the last surgery, until, he started taking the Elk Velvet Antler pills. He has been taking them for about 4 years now. He ran out a few months ago and now is in terrible pain once again. He calls the pills the "Miracle Pills". He also has severe allergy induced asthma that has caused many trips to the E.R….until he started taking the pills. He has not been to the E.R. at all since taking the pills AND has not needed his Advair OR Albuterol inhalers. Again, the last few months (especially with spring here), his asthma has been acting up again. We are ordering our 4th box and we will continue ordering this product. It is amazing to see the difference it has on my husband's health. I also will be starting to take these pills due to a torn rotator cup in my shoulder. I am confident they will help! Thank You Kreycik's for a wonderful remedy to our ailments!
Heather & Jeremy Stuber - Marble, MN

I have struggled with severe allergies since 2006. Since taking the velvet antler pills this summer (2012) I have been allergy free.
Dr. Jennifer Jensen

Velvet Antler Velvet Antler
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