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Dad's (Kenard Kreycik) Funeral Dedication Speech

October 22, 2013

October 24, 2013 will be one year that our Dad, Kenard, went home to be with Jesus. I spoke at his funeral and I wanted to briefly share what I shared about my Father on that day. If you didn't know my Dad hopefully this will give you an idea of the character and personality that my Dad had. We are making it without him but sure do miss life without him. Knowing he is no longer suffering and that we will meet him again in Heaven someday is comforting. Stacy Kreycik Miller Dad would tell me on the tours to come up front where everyone can see you and talk loud so they all can hear you. I’d never talk a whole lot anyway because if HE had a chance to tell about his animals he wasn’t going to sit quietly while someone else did it for him. Mom would always say that Dad has diarrhea of the mouth, which was contagious because we all caught it from him. So I’m sorry if you have to eat your cupcake on the way to the cemetery but I might be here awhile. My Dad, Kenard F. Kreycik, was a very unique individual and I could not be more proud to be his daughter. He definitely left his brand on everyone he met. If that was not so, you all would not be sitting here today. In his younger years Dad was a bit ornery but had a lot of fun. Like the time when Dad and Dale Johnson came over the hill and a whole herd of milk cows were all over the road. So they swerved and rolled the old car in the ditch completely over until it landed back on it’s wheels. They were so impressed with themselves that they never spilled one drop of their beer and drove themselves right out. OR the time when Dale and Dad where up at Rollo and Lois’s and Lois was bending over the counter talking on the phone when they sprinkled a little bit of itching powder down her pants, then ran and shut off the water so she couldn’t take a shower. All these things that Dad did was okay for him but if Steve did anything like that it wasn’t a very good idea. Like the Night Owls. He was one of the original guys who started the Night Owls Motorcycle club and it was fun for them to go and chase rabbits in the pastures. Well years later when Steve joined the club Dad got mad and said that was just stupid and dangerous!! Mom reminded him that he was one of the original Night Owls, but Dad’s response was, “Well we were careful!”. As you all know my Dad loved to hunt and fish. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have the elk and buffalo. He lived for setting his catfish lines in the spring. He’d get up extra early to get the fish and set the lines again. And of course he loved to share his fish with many people. I always wanted to go hunting but all I was allowed to do was ride along and sit in the pickup and watch. For everyone that came hunting at our place, it wasn’t actually killing the deer that was the most fun but the experience they had finding it and the pranks they pulled on each other that created the memories that those guys will always have of my Dad. As a little girl ’til the day he died I will always remember by Dad as being the strongest man I know. I would hold his big strong hand and hang on tight as I would run to keep up with his walk. If the opportunity arose for me to ride along I knew if I wasn’t ready I’d get left. Riding the motorcycle was the most fun, the dogs would of course have to ride too so Dad would say “seat” and both dogs jumped on and away we’d go. If it was to check the irrigation he would get me wet and thought it to be funny. Of course I never drove the motorcycles or equipment. I wanted to but I know I was his little girl and he thought he had to protect me. On the other hand he had Steve out in the field at a very early age along with hunting and working with the cattle. Steve was Dad’s right hand man and taught him everything he knew. Still to this day I can only say that Dad let me go out in the field one time just b/c Steve had gotten in trouble. This was my one and only special day that I was chosen to go windrow in the field, but I knew I was his only option at this point. Sadly enough I did not fulfill his expectations as I had crooked rows and Dad’s response was, “Well it’s just a darn good thing you weren’t on top of the hill so everyone could see your crooked rows.” So after this day I knew the field was not for me according to Dad. Dad was a fast walker and a fast thinker. Always finding something to keep himself and everyone else busy. Lining up picking potatoes or sweet corn, cutting firewood or butchering for us and all the neighbors was so exciting to him. When it was time to be in the fields he would get everyone started, keep checking on them so if they broke down he could get them fixed right away and continue on. My Dad could fix anything, if he couldn’t fix it he would build it. If there was a need for a piece of equipment that didn’t exist from any implement then him and his friend Rocky Latorra would cook up some plans and get started. Some of his inventions were a log splitter custom built for him, wire roller trailer, little feed wagon for Rollo to feed the bull elk, a hydraulic squeeze chute for the elk and of course the covered wagons. Everything interested my father; he wanted to know how things worked and why. One time while on an annual family vacation with the Ruzicka’s in Washington state he found a big ship full of logs from South Korea docked on the coast of Seattle and he wanted to know what they were doing with them logs. So what does my Father do but find a road down to this Gray’s Harbor, drive right up to it and climbs aboard! We all just knew he was going to get himself into a heap of trouble, but not my Dad! After some time here he comes back and waves his arms to all 8 of us to come on board because he got us a tour from a crew member that didn’t even speak English. Fast forward a bit to my driving years, Dad nicknamed me “Daisy Duke” due to my not so good driving ability on snow or ice. So most mornings Dad would ask me, “Well Dukie, what ditch are you going into today?” He was ready to come pull me out when he’d get the call from me on the 2-way unless I had to walk to a phone. Dad wanted to help anyone he could. When Clint had his hand accident he had Steve and himself over helping Virgil do whatever needed to be done while Clint was in the hospital. He thought the world of my future husband and was determined to make something to help him grip onto things better. He tried but somehow that invention didn’t work. Now as much as Dad loved his fishing he never took time to take the boat out and go fishing or even take us for a boat ride on the river. For some reason he wanted to go one weekend so he told me to wash out the boat. So I did as I was told and washed it all out with the hose and scooped out all the dirty stuff in there…along with the plug. When we got to Fort Randall Dam he asked me what I did with the plug; that’s when I assumed I threw it out. He wasn’t impressed BUT he did have a solution. He told me he probably has a spare. Well it wasn’t until we got out to the middle of the lake that I asked if he found the spare plug. With a calm response he said, “No I just wadded up a big ball of duct tape and stuffed it in the hole”. I panicked as I asked if he actually thought duct tape was going to keep us afloat? What does Dad say but “Why sure it will why wouldn’t it?” When velvet season would roll around I loved to go help. It’s a 2 man job so I jumped at the opportunity when it arose. Well sometimes if the elk has his head down hill he can’t get enough oxygen so you need to turn him around or if his eyes start to roll back you give him oxygen from the tank we have along. That works great if the tank HAS oxygen in it. This time it didn’t and Dad just threw his hands in the air and said, “just let the darn thing die then”! Well I wasn’t about to give up so I told him to start pumpin and I’ll start blowing and wouldn’t know we saved the bull and I scored some high points that day with my Dad!! Like I said before Dad didn’t really let me do as much as I wanted to do but he did let my 8 year old son. When I was scared to let Jace cut a carrot “Pa” as the grandkids call him, gave him a big skinning knife and taught him how to skin a big elk! I about flipped, but he had fun and boy was Pa proud. Dad told me, “My boy can do it, he did a good job”. I didn’t argue. Gardening was a love of my Dad’s as well. We never ever needed to plant 40 tomato plants but he thought we did and loved to share with his friends and family. Jace and Josilyn always had fun diggin’ in the dirt with Pa. Dad sure loved his grandkids and of course they always got what they wanted; all they had to do was ask. Josilyn, with her signature smile that she inherited from her Grandpa held a special place in his heart. She loved helping Pa feed the baby goats and buffalo, smash cans and check set lines. This year she was so excited she could catch a minnow, she said, “Pa I caught it, I caught it!” He’d say “By golly you did Josi, that‘s my girl”! Then there’s little Jaeli, she’s Pa’s sweetheart and her wild streak would make him smile from ear to ear. While waiting for a Dr. appointment she told him, “Pa, sit down!”, making the whole waiting room turn their heads. This August Dad was blessed with seeing Steve get married to a very special lady, Allison who won his heart the minute he met her and welcomed her daughter Riley into the family just like one of his own grandkids. Allison's not afraid to work and will try anything, like packing silage. Allison was doing a fantastic job packing but happen to get the tractor stuck in the pile. She tried to get herself out but was really stuck and needed assistance. She went and found Dad and all he said was, "That's no problem, I'll get you out". We all reminded Allison that if that would have happened to any of us he probably would NOT have been so calm. Our team leader…our chief…our HERD BULL has left us to go be with Jesus in Heaven. I thank my Dad for taking the risk of going after his dreams and teaching us to appreciate the land and animals like he did. His legacy will remain with Kreycik River view ranch forever. We love you Dad.

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