Kreycik Riverview Elk Ranch

Tours have ended indefinitely but Velvet Antler Capsules & Meat still for sale.

September 3, 2019

Due to the flood we had to quit giving tours forever.  Last year was our last year we just didn't know it.  We certainly are very sad about this decision that Mother Nature made for us without consulting with us, but there is really not much we can do about it.  We talked of THIS year being our last year, but the flood made that decision for us.  All the rain that came before and after the flood caused springs to flow out of the hills washing the trails away and leaving swampy spots that I would have drove through without knowing it causing the tractor to be stuck and possibly overturning the wagon.  Suzie is still alive, she is showing her age, the flood may have caused stress on her as well and the poor old girl is showing it.  She is the last animal left that had ties to Dad, so when her time ends here on earth and she joins Dad in Heaven will be a very sad day indeed.  We know she will not live forever and she will be so happy to see Dad, her "mother" again.  I am still traveliing around to schools and librarie to share Suzie and Dad's ("Farmer Frank") story of his passion for raising elk plus how Suzie Saved the Day!  When I present I bring along a banner picture of Suzie to take selfies with as well as a big antler, a taxidermied elk calf, pictures and of course many signed copies of my book!  If you like to see me at your school please call me or email me through this website to set up a date.  402-841-2754 or email me at 

With all this said, we still will be selling the VELVET ANTLER CAPSULES AND MEAT just give us a call or order from the gift shop on this website.  (The meat can only be sold from the ranch, no shipping meat.)  Call Chris to order yours today!  402-394-7214 or 402-857-3850


Thank you so much for all the memories through the years.  We will hold all of them dear to our hearts. 

Stacy Kreycik Miller

Chris Kreycik



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