Kreycik Riverview Elk Ranch
Nestled down in the rolling hills along the scenic Niobrara River Valley near Niobrara, Nebraska is one of the most beautiful picturesque views you'll see. Here is the home to Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch covered wagon tours owned by Chris and the late Kenard Kreycik, Steve & Allison Kreycik.

We invite you to travel along with us in our unique tractor pulled covered wagons as we share with you how we raise our elk and buffalo. As we ride thru the hilly pastures the elk and buffalo are invited to come and get their ear corn treats that you will be hand feeding them from inside the covered wagons! But watch out for Boomer, our long-horn steer who lives with the buffalo, as he happily gallops right to the front of the line of the buffalo not wanting to take a chance on missing out on any treats. The fallow deer, a European miniature deer, shares a pasture with our 2 and 3 year old bull elk, but you won't catch them little hoppers eating from the wagon. They are a more skittish critter and prefer eating their corn off the ground in front of the wagon.
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Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch Presents A Special Summer Old West Tour & Hold-Up! Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch Presents A Special Summer Old West Tour & Hold-Up!
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Upcoming Events [ 6/28/14 : 2:00PM Tour ] NO 2:00 TOUR SATURDAY JUNE 28TH, 2014
Upcoming Events [ 7/13/14 : 6:00PM ] Summer Tour w/ Buffalo Meal & Old West Show
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Elk & Buffalo Meat Prices (per pound)
Fillet Mignon & Tenderloin$21.00
Rib-Eye & New York Strip$14.50
Tenderized Steak$5.95
Summer Sausage$6.95
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